Friday, March 13, 2015

Love Never Fails

Nothing like receiving a care package in the mail to cheer a weary soul. Sure helped to lift my spirits.  It could not have came at a better time.  Health wise, I'm doing well after surgery, just some issues with my BP droping too low. I have probably lost a total of close to 40 lbs, maybe more as I'm not weighing at home, but at the clinic.  My next visit is April 7th. There are some family issues though that are taking a toll on me emotionally, but I'm not giving up, with everything within me I'm doing my best to trust God in this recent trial.  He's never failed me and I know he never will. No matter the outcome of this recent situation,  God will forever be faithful. I on the other hand have had to repent for my lack of faith in believing that all will be well once again. I do know that God is able. The spirit is faithful, but the flesh does grow weak.

Lots of goodies packed inside.

Thank you again my dear friend ♡ Blessings to all, Shelley


  1. Shelley, I pray that your situation come to a quick and favorable resolution. I've been facing a family crisis, myself, but you are right. We always have to trust God. Glad to hear you are doing well after surgery.

    Grace & Peace.

  2. Shelley...stay focus on Our Lord for everything. He will continue to guide you. View the situation from a distance, knowing that He is in complete control! Congratulations on the weight loss... mari

  3. Shelly, So happy that you are doing well after surgery.. and congrats on losing the 40 lbs. So proud of you.
    Sending prayers for comfort for you and your family , during this difficult time.. I pray you feel His loving arms around you and give you comfort , that only He can give. What ever the outcome.. hold fast to the fact that God promised to never leave nor forsake us..
    Hugs my sweet friend.
    The care package is so nice. Love the sign.

  4. Shelley Dear one!!
    So glad for the perfect timing!!! God is so good!
    Wow 40 lbs!! Thats amazing! :-D
    (I am praying for your Family crisis)
    Sending much much love and warmth xx oo Linnie

    PS the Tea is from the Tasha Corgi Cottage tour!! ;-)

  5. Good job, Shelley - 40 lbs. awesome! I love the contents of the sweet care package. You have a great week.


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