Monday, January 14, 2019

Back Trouble

I am down in my back. I have had an MRI and will be seeing a specialist soon. I desire your prayers please, and thank you. 

Blessings to all of you, 

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Celebrating Christ

Hello my friends. I am so sorry it has been a full month since I have posted here. I have had a wonderful stress free Christmas season thus far. I decorated in a bit of a Scandinavian style this year. Simple little three foot tree with simple decorations. As far as gifts.....I only purchased gifts for the young ones in our family.  The adults and almost adults all bring a gift to our gathering and exchange. It keeps the cost down for everyone.  We have done this for the last few years and it has proven to work out well for us all.

I have been celebrating Advent each Sunday by lighting a candle on my Advent wreath and celebrating Christ in my heart!
It has been wonderful. I started this a few years ago and I am so glad I did. It has been very rewarding.

I hope you all are having a very blessed Christmas season. And I'll wish you all a very happy New Year now.
Keep it simple..... You won't regret it..... It's been wonderful for me. Thank you all for visiting. I am so grateful you did. Merry Christmas everyone..... .God bless 🎄💟

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Out my little kitchen window. 

Hello everyone, or should I say Good morning as it is in the wee hours of the morning as I type . I seem to have become a very early riser and an early to bed person as well.  I don't know how it came about altogether, except it just did!
I have always been a morning person so I am enjoying getting up so very early in the morning.  I am usually in bed by 8:00 P. M. I generally read for a time before I fall asleep. Unless of course, I have had an unusually busy day, then I will fall to sleep right away.

Little Birdy Blessings

With it being just a few days until Thanksgiving..... I mainly came here to wish you all a very blessed Thanksgiving Day. I am so grateful for my faithful readers. I am always blessed to read your comments, and I want to express my appreciation to you during this season. I find your comments so comforting, and uplifting .

To answer the question as to what Amish stories I am reading at this time ....I am reading a collection of Christmas stories by different authors. I am enjoying them so much.
The book I am reading now is Called The Lopsided Christmas  Cake. It isn't a very long story and I am about half way through it. But it is delightful.
Bye for now my friends.. . Be blessed, Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with your family.
Shelley ❤🍁

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Drawing nearer

Hello friends, I pray this post finds everyone doing wonderfully. The leaves are really starting to fall here at my place. Makes me want to get out and romp in them.
Raking leaves and burning them "used" to be one of my favorite things about Autumn.
Unfortunately, I am no longer able to do that. In about a month I will have so many leaves on the ground it will be hard to walk through them.
Hopefully I can enlist some help getting them raked.
However, they do make great fall decorations..... 😊
It is Tuesday again. My daughter comes to help clean the house today.
She is my provider through Home health and works on Tuesday and Thursday of each week. What a blessing she is. One I am very grateful for!
I clean at my house, but she can get down to business.... So to speak! I enjoy having her over.
I've been reading some Amish stories, I really enjoy them. Also ,I have been crocheting. I have several projects started, and I am working towards getting them completed.
I'm looking forward to the Christmas season ,it is my very favorite holiday.
I love Christmas. .. .It's something I look forward to all year. I celebrate Jesus in my heart all year round, but setting aside a special day of the year just makes it more wonderful, I think!
I can't wait to decorate, but I am planning on being more minimal this year. Time will tell..... Hehe.
The time is certainly drawing nearer though. I will be pulling out the few tubs I have left of decorations soon.

Look what I found out in my yard one morning. So beautiful . It's the first time it's bloomed . Was I ever surprised . Yes indeed!

Thank you for stopping by.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Pictures and a Bit of Words

Just thought I would share some pictures with you all.
Cooler weather has arrived and I am enjoying it.
Putting me in the mood to bake and to cook soups, cornbread, etc.
This is my time of the year.. until Christmas.
Always a wonderful time of year for me. Just enjoying the spirit of the holidays,without all the commercialism that also comes with the holidays. I can't believe all the Christmas stuff that is already filling the shelves at the stores. I can't remember it being out this early before. Maybe it was...... Just can't remember. It is just to soon. my opinion anyway. Enough with all my ranting. Enjoy the pictures and thanks for stopping by.
Blessings, Shelley

While at a Ladies Retreat recently 

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Harvest time....soon

My handmade pumpkin

Hello everyone, I know I have been absent and for that I am very sorry. It has been a long hot summer and I am glad we are quiet near the end. I am so happy to know Autumn will soon be on our doorstep. Sooner for some than others! The soon change of season has put me in the mood for crafting.  Making pumpkins from old sweater's for one thing. Wreaths as for the door and one for the wall.  A banner also to string across my front window. Its been fun using them to decorate my home with  . Now I just can't wait for the weather to cooperate and take a turn for cooler temps.
How about you....are you ready for Autumn?  Thanks for stopping by today friends.
Blessings Shelley 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Doll Daze

Reborn Susannah

I am going to be adding a new label to my posts here......."Doll Daze"
I actually once had a whole separate blog with that name, but at the time I couldn't keep up with more than one blog at a time, so I deleted it. I still don't think I can!
I have all my life been a doll fan, and I have once again begun to embrace a doll hobby in my senior years.  It is fun for me and something I enjoy very much.
I enjoy a variety of doll types. Baby dolls and Raggedy Ann being my favorite. The latest type of doll I have discovered is the Reborn doll.

Reborn JoAnna

It is a doll kit, painted by a reborn artist to look very realistic. I have a couple of these dolls and just love them. Some people think they are creepy, but not me. However there are some vampire, zombies, etc. dolls that I don't care for.
I would never consider transforming such an innocent thing as a baby into some evil image.
Even if it is just a doll! That just isn't me.
I do like antique dolls, some modern, vintage,cloth, and carved wooden dolls as well. 

A vintage doll........Clara

Not all people understand doll hobbyists, but I guess other doll fans do.
How about you?  Are you a doll fan? If not, what kinds of hobbies do you enjoy?
I have other things I enjoy, but that will be for another time......another post.

Thanks for stopping by today
Blessings,  Shelley