Monday, April 24, 2017

Peach Picking Time

It's time to pick the peaches my faithful little tree (Alberta) has yielded this year.  I have already tried one and it was very tasty.  Quite juicy to! This little tree is close to twenty years old. She is going to need some TLC come this fall, as it has been a few years since she has had any attention.  But so faithfully she just keeps giving!

I took these pictures about a week ago. Now, the fruit is riper and a bit bigger to.

This is celery growing . I just stuck the end of a stalk I purchased from the store in the dirt and up it comes! 

Blessings on your week friends 


Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Blessings

Hello dear readers, I do hope your Easter Sunday was lovely. Mine was wonderful .  Not all my children and grandchildren were able to make it for church, but I am so grateful for those you were. I certainly missed the ones who couldn't make it though. After church we pretty much parted ways.
My eldest daughter Regina and her husband Jon had dinner with me here at my home. They provided the meat,and then there were mixed vegetables, and a pea salad. Simple, but plenty for the three of us.
I had so much fun watching all the children hunt eggs at church. Jaxson was the only grandchild I had hunting eggs this year. Yes, things are changing, but I'm learning to accept those changes and trust God for ea ch new day. To take nothing for granted. But to count every blessing and to be grateful for everything.  I pray your week is wonderfully blessed.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Blessings of the Best Kind

Hello friends, how are you today?  We had a horrible storm last evening. A tornado passed over and touched down not to far from us. I am praying there wasn't a lot of damage, and certainly no loss of lives. I haven't check the news yet,so I'm unsure of that. My dogs were so afraid.  Tasha,poor thing had to sleep with me as it thundered and lighten all night. But all is well today. Just a slow rain and cooler temps.  One part of spring I could do without is the unpredictable storms.  Isn't our lives pretty much the same?

I did little decorating for Easter this year. I recall when I decorated about every room and enjoyed doing so. However, decorating for any holiday has been dwindling down for me over the past five years or so. Just Don't feel the need, nor do I have the energy anymore.  My feeling about the holidays have changed somewhat as well. Not that I find celebrating the holidays of any less importance, it's something to do with how our holidays are celebrated they I seem to feel abit differently about!  I suppose it is the season of my life I am living now.
I still hear God's still small voice whispering.....Be quiet Shelley, be still and know I am with you. Look and see with the sight of wisdom. To know the difference of what is real,what is lasting. Remember , that the things of this world are fading. All to soon those things will pass, will be no more. So today, while it is still today, enjoy  those things which are most beneficial to the spirit. Those are the things which you will carry with you. Lay up your treasures in heaven. Those are the best treasures for they shall be treasured for all of eternity.

I have no more words, for he spoke for me.  Blessings of the best kind to all

Monday, April 3, 2017

Happy Spring everyone.  I hope it has sprung up where you are. Our spring has begun with cooler temps than we were having before.  It was actually feeling a bit more like summer than spring just a few weeks ago. With spring came some stormy weather, lots of rain and cooler temps, which I have enjoyed so much. Today in my "neck of the woods " the sun is shining, everything is lush,green and the temps are in the low 70's. Weather that certainly calls me outdoors.  I have started a small kitchen garden near my front door, just off the steps. Mostly a container garden of sorts.  It isn't much at all,but is just about as much as I am able to care for.  It's been a fun project thus far, and I have already reaped some benefits from my efforts. Not only has it blessed me physically with the little work I've put into it,but it has blessed me emotionally and spiritually as well.
Not to mention the fresh kale I've already picked and eaten . I love it raw with fresh squeezed lemon juice drizzled over it......yummy! So have you done any planting?  I'd loved to hear about it if so. Whatever you have been up to, I hope you have been blessed.  It is such a wonderful season when all is coming to life again. The birds wake me each morning with their beautiful praises of thanksgiving to their awesome creator. Such a great lesson for us humans. He truly is worthy of all creations praises.  I give glory and honor to Christ for all things. Even those days when tears seem to be flowing. I'm grateful still, for those tears for me have been for a cleansing of my soul.
Psalms 126:5 - They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.

The Joy of the Lord is my strength.

Thank you for stopping by.
Happy spring everyone!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Day in Photos

Yummy salad

Homemade good for you hummus

Around the house

Tasha now has a little brother, Peanut.
She is none to happy about him being in mom's lap.

Jaxon helping meme with yardwork

Meet Peanut Butters

Took a walk to the park with my daughter.


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Home Keeping (Made Simply)

It's very warm and humid today. So not my favorite type of weather. As a matter of fact, it's about my least favorite. You would think living in Texas all my life I would be used to it by now. I just don't do very warm or hot humid weather well Never have! But life and seasons go on, don't they?
I shouldn't complain I know. Forgive me. I need to practice on being more content, learning to be more thankful whatever the weather, whatever the circumstances in my life.
Fining happiness, joy and peace in every day. One day can bring about many challenges, good or bad. But God has ways of making everything work out for the good, to those who are called according to his purpose, and love him. Rom.8:28
What a wonderful blessing in knowing that is so true.
I am making changes in my life and home. Simplifying is a great change for me. As most of my visitors know I have been weeding my home and life of stuff since about 2009 now.  My wish is to someday downsize to a "Tiny Home ".
The mobile home I now live in is only 750 square feet, which I know would seem small to many. But it's more than I feel I need for myself.  Time will tell when and where this plan will find me,but in the mean time I will keep working toward it. Unless the good Lord directs differently.

Soon I will share some pictures to go with my thoughts on how I am downsizing in and out of  my home.
Blessings to you all and thank you for stopping by.    💕💐🐦

This picture below was a few years back, but it speaks of so much of what is most important in my life.

Take time for the simple pleasures of life. They will do the most good!
Downsizing ,makes for simple housekeeping and simple housekeeping makes time for having good times with those you love.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017