Monday, August 19, 2019

Catching Up

Hello friends, It has been awhile I know! Time is just flying ,for me anyway. It seems to just go by faster and faster. I just had my 60th birthday. Wow , I'm really old. My daughter says I'm not,but that's only because the older I get....the older she gets HaHa!
I recently took a trip with my daughter and two of the grandchildren to reunite with my oldest son's children. I hadn't seen them in almost five years. Talking about some excitement...there was plenty, but also a very emotionally time as well,for all of us. My granddaughter is 10 and my grandson 12.
I won't go into all the details, but what a blessing to finely get to visit with them. Five years is like a life time with children,they grow up so fast. We missed so much of their lives,but I won't think on the loss. I'm so thankful to see them and love on them. It was wonderful.

image from facebook

So how has things been going in your lives?  I pray all is well.
I'm looking forward to cooler most of you know, I'm not a hot weather person.
Texas is so hot and humid most of the time. I have caught a few mornings when I could sit on the porch and have coffee. It is so nice sitting out and enjoying the sights and sounds of nature early in the morning. It blesses my soul. I'll say bye for this time. Bless you all ,my dear blogging family.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019


Hello friends, Well my laptop is down again. So I will do the best I can leaving post here with just my cell phone. I have a small cheap made phone so it is kinda hard.
I so wanted to post here regular, but it is what it is.
I hope you all are well,and your family as too. 
I am up so very early this morning, 4:00 . Are any of you early birds? I usually have a nap during the day though.
I do love mornings..... hearing the first bird singing out. Having coffee Bible,and prayer time. It is very peaceful here in the early morning hours. I hope to be back soon. God bless you all,  Shelley

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Chit Chat...This and That

Hello everyone, I haven't been posting as of late because my computer was out of reach.
I hope you all have been well and at peace. Our weather has been so hot. I have been staying indoors,out of the heat. I do miss working in my yard,but that is so out of the question anymore.
So,I look for things I can do indoors. Right now, I'm crocheting small blocks to one day put together to make a quilt with. I know I said Wednesday was going to be my day to share ,Doll Daze, (so sorry) but I wasn't prepare today so I will do my best to get back to that next week. Today, I thought I would share a bit of Chit Chat! I went to my mama's for a few days. We had a good visit. She will 87 next month!
I'm blessed to still have her. Dad has been gone four years in November. I miss him so,but I know I will one day see him again....our blessed eternal!
I may venture out today with my daughter. She has an appointment in town and we thought we might stop by our favorite little charity shop. This store sells their stock ,then uses the money to purchase food from the food bank to give to anyone in need. Their prices are so very cheap to...they do except donations of  clothing,etc. Also, money from those who are able. The owners are a very nice young couple. I enjoy going there. I have been giving donations of household items. Helps the store out and also helps me to keep clutter down as well!
I was up at four this morning. Seems like I wake up early every morning these days. Which calls for a early nap during the day. Rising so very early makes for a very long day. I do like the wee morning hours though. Being up already,even before the first songbird sends out a tweet...tweet. Just such a peaceful feeling about it. I'm definitely a morning person ...early to bed....early to rise. 
I never really plan my days ahead. Its just me so I take the day as it comes and plan as I go through out the day. Maybe I should be more organised ,but planning as I go kinda works for me. There are occasions where it is necessary for me to plan ahead,but not very often. Living alone and it being just me and my lonesome......I just kinda do what I want . I do take time out of each day to read and pray.
That seems like a good plan to!
Well,I sure hope I haven't bore you to death with my many words. I just thought it was time for a good Chit Chat! Blessings on the rest of your week and thank you for taking time to visit me.


Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Doll Daze

Tiny reborn doll Zack

On Wednesdays I will be posting about my on going Doll Collection. I have been a doll fan all my life. I like a variety  of different kinds of dolls. They just make me smile having them around. I like dressing them and displaying them...and from time to time making videos of them on my YouTube channel ,where I have made friends with a whole community of doll fans...mostly reborn dolls there.
I don't display my dolls all at the same time. Just don't have the room for that. So some stay packed away ,until I decide to switch them out!

Shirley Temple and a china head doll

Vintage doll...Clara

Reborn doll JoAnna

Reborn doll Susannah
So if you enjoy dolls like me...just stop by on Wednesdays. If not...come back another day when I will be talking about another subject.
Bless you all and as always ......Thanks for stopping by today.

Friday, May 31, 2019

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

A sweet card from a dear friend

I'm always on time for Tea Time.

A basket of yard. A thing of beauty to  me.

She is always at my sweet little companion!

Thanks for visiting, Shelley

Thursday, May 30, 2019

What Goes Around...Comes Around

 My style right now is Farmhouse,but I have been thinking a lot about when my home was a more cottage style. As of late I'm bringing a bit more of the cottage feel back into my home.
All of the pictures below are previous pictures of my style.  Lots of color and very whimsical!
I don't think I will go completely with the fun cottage style again,but some "fun" cottage is definitely making a come back. I need some "perkiness" to cheer me on each day!
I guess I'm a bit eclectic, some of this and that! So what is your style for your home?  Really, I have been thinking of not claiming any "style".......just going with what makes me feel happy and at peace.
My to speak!

Thank you ladies for stopping by my cottage today......blessings, Shelley

Monday, May 27, 2019

Counting my Blessings

Counting my blessings this Memorial Day. For those who gave all,and those who gave some. I wonder what our freedom would be worth without them.

Thank you