Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Day in Photos

Yummy salad

Homemade good for you hummus

Around the house

Tasha now has a little brother, Peanut.
She is none to happy about him being in mom's lap.

Jason helping meme with yardwork

Meet Peanut Butters

Took a walk to the park with my daughter.


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Home Keeping (Made Simply)

It's very warm and humid today. So not my favorite type of weather. As a matter of fact, it's about my least favorite. You would think living in Texas all my life I would be used to it by now. I just don't do very warm or hot humid weather well Never have! But life and seasons go on, don't they?
I shouldn't complain I know. Forgive me. I need to practice on being more content, learning to be more thankful whatever the weather, whatever the circumstances in my life.
Fining happiness, joy and peace in every day. One day can bring about many challenges, good or bad. But God has ways of making everything work out for the good, to those who are called according to his purpose, and love him. Rom.8:28
What a wonderful blessing in knowing that is so true.
I am making changes in my life and home. Simplifying is a great change for me. As most of my visitors know I have been weeding my home and life of stuff since about 2009 now.  My wish is to someday downsize to a "Tiny Home ".
The mobile home I now live in is only 750 square feet, which I know would seem small to many. But it's more than I feel I need for myself.  Time will tell when and where this plan will find me,but in the mean time I will keep working toward it. Unless the good Lord directs differently.

Soon I will share some pictures to go with my thoughts on how I am downsizing in and out of  my home.
Blessings to you all and thank you for stopping by.    💕💐🐦

This picture below was a few years back, but it speaks of so much of what is most important in my life.

Take time for the simple pleasures of life. They will do the most good!
Downsizing ,makes for simple housekeeping and simple housekeeping makes time for having good times with those you love.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Friday, February 10, 2017

Hello Sweets

Hi friends, thank you for your comments on my last post.  My visit with my son went very well.
I am back home and have been busy getting things here in order.
Downsizing more and doing as much outdoor work as possible.  It's a slow go, but I am making a bit of progress.  I'm working towards a more minimalist lifestyle.  Only having in my home what I believe to be beautiful or useful.  And not having to much in excess .  Four of anything is a good number for me! With an exception of my books. While it may take me sometime to reach my doubt I'll eventually get there.
I will keep you updated on how that comes along. It's feeling very much like spring here in my neck of the woods,but I dare say we won't have more winter weather in store.  Just can't really ever predict East Texas weather, except the summers are always a scorcher for sure. I will take winter over summer anyday.  I don't do extreme heat well!

 My grandson Jason spent the afternoon with me. It's always a fun time when he comes. Tasha enjoys his company too.
Well friends enjoy your weekend, blessings to all of you 💝

Sharing some Goldfishes.  💕👨🐶

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Be Happy Today......

Hello dear friends, how is your weekend going thus far. I'm taking a drive with my mama today. We are going to visit my #1 son. It is always a wonderful day when I see my son.
I hope your day is wonderful to,whatever you may be up to.....have a fun day.
Enjoy the simple things. If the sun is shining where you are....bask in it for a bit. If the sun isn't shining....if the sky is overcast and cold, then sit by your warming place..enjoy a favorite book or magazine. Visit a thrift store, and maybe you will come across a true treasure.
Maybe you will spend the day puttering around your home....move things around a bit. Set up a pretty vignette of some special things that are near to your heart. Mementos of a trip...keepsakes from now grown children. Reminders of those little ones that once were about your feet! They grow up so quickly. Just like the little song....Turn around and they are one....turn around and they're two...turn around and they're grown...walking out your door.

Enjoy your weekend.....Be Happy.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Day Trip

While on a day trip recently with my youngest daughter Kathy and three of my grandchildren, we stopped to visit a fairly new to our part of the state SUPER LARGE service station/ gift shop/ restaurant.  The name is "Bucee's (Buck ee's) . It was fun seeing all their "Pretties",but we came away with only some snacks for the trip back home.  The prices were way out of my range and honestly I didn't need anything.  I still have to many pretties in my! I can't say I wasn't tempted though.

I thought these Birdhouses were beautiful.

Jaxon and a very big Bucee

Jaxon in a Coons skin hat.

Twas a very nice "Day Trip"


Thursday, January 19, 2017

January Musings

Hello to all you,my lovely readers and friends.  So how has January been treating you thus far? I pray it has been kind and warm. Maybe you have had to stay in by the fire or maybe not. Here in East Texas January has been a mixture of warm, cold,wet and terribly humid. Some sunshine and lots of rain.
Whatever your weather. ...I pray you have been safe and sound.

I have been doing my best to remain content.  I've reread a book I thought very informative the first time around, Almost Amish is it's title. I have gained more wisdom from it in reading it again, and will be keeping it on my shelf for a while longer . If you desire to live a more simple life, then you will find it a very interesting book. It also applies to the "Christian life" as well.

I love reading and have started on another book now which is an Amish story. I'm also reading through the bible this year . In the past I've read from cover to cover, but this year I'm reading from  The One Year Bible for women. It's the New Living Translation.  I prefer the King James,but enjoy the reading this translation as well.

Sorry couldn't get the picture to rotate.

I've been crocheting, puttering about the house,weeding through some more of my belongings , organizing,etc. I guess I've have managed to be fairly productive which is a good thing for me.  Although living with chronic pain and fatigue makes accomplishing anything hard, I'll continue to work at it and rest in between.

January has been a blessing for me thus far and I hope for you as well.

Until next time, Shelley