Thursday, October 18, 2018

Pictures and a Bit of Words

Just thought I would share some pictures with you all.
Cooler weather has arrived and I am enjoying it.
Putting me in the mood to bake and to cook soups, cornbread, etc.
This is my time of the year.. until Christmas.
Always a wonderful time of year for me. Just enjoying the spirit of the holidays,without all the commercialism that also comes with the holidays. I can't believe all the Christmas stuff that is already filling the shelves at the stores. I can't remember it being out this early before. Maybe it was...... Just can't remember. It is just to soon. my opinion anyway. Enough with all my ranting. Enjoy the pictures and thanks for stopping by.
Blessings, Shelley

While at a Ladies Retreat recently 

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Harvest time....soon

My handmade pumpkin

Hello everyone, I know I have been absent and for that I am very sorry. It has been a long hot summer and I am glad we are quiet near the end. I am so happy to know Autumn will soon be on our doorstep. Sooner for some than others! The soon change of season has put me in the mood for crafting.  Making pumpkins from old sweater's for one thing. Wreaths as for the door and one for the wall.  A banner also to string across my front window. Its been fun using them to decorate my home with  . Now I just can't wait for the weather to cooperate and take a turn for cooler temps.
How about you....are you ready for Autumn?  Thanks for stopping by today friends.
Blessings Shelley 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Doll Daze

Reborn Susannah

I am going to be adding a new label to my posts here......."Doll Daze"
I actually once had a whole separate blog with that name, but at the time I couldn't keep up with more than one blog at a time, so I deleted it. I still don't think I can!
I have all my life been a doll fan, and I have once again begun to embrace a doll hobby in my senior years.  It is fun for me and something I enjoy very much.
I enjoy a variety of doll types. Baby dolls and Raggedy Ann being my favorite. The latest type of doll I have discovered is the Reborn doll.

Reborn JoAnna

It is a doll kit, painted by a reborn artist to look very realistic. I have a couple of these dolls and just love them. Some people think they are creepy, but not me. However there are some vampire, zombies, etc. dolls that I don't care for.
I would never consider transforming such an innocent thing as a baby into some evil image.
Even if it is just a doll! That just isn't me.
I do like antique dolls, some modern, vintage,cloth, and carved wooden dolls as well. 

A vintage doll........Clara

Not all people understand doll hobbyists, but I guess other doll fans do.
How about you?  Are you a doll fan? If not, what kinds of hobbies do you enjoy?
I have other things I enjoy, but that will be for another time......another post.

Thanks for stopping by today
Blessings,  Shelley

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

My Creative Journey

So, I have this small yellow binder that I picked up from the Dollar Tree. I also picked up a package of pretty stickers with tea cups, and coffee cups, and other pretty things. I stuck the stickers to the front of the binder, filled it with paper , then I let it set......trying to figure out what was next.

Until this morning while I was reading a copy of the Mary Jane's Farm magazine, and having my coffee,  I read an article titled......."Creativity = Health".  While I have reclaimed some creativity I  had lost in the last five+ years.......a light flashed in my mind......that little yellow binder would become my Creativity Binder.
I plan to fill it with all kinds of creative words and pictures encouraging creative juices to flow more than ever.

Be looking for post to come focusing on my new creative journey. The task at hand won't be perfect, nor flawless......not even great, but it will be me being creative!  And if being creative will be a healthy choice for me, then that will be a good thing.......indeed.

Blessings to all,  Shelley

Saturday, July 7, 2018

4th of july Decorations

Hello dear friends, I hope your 4th of July was fun and safe. I had my grandson Jaxon over for a sleepover. On the 4th we went to the little park here in our small town. They were having "Picnic in the Park, hot dogs, hamburgers and the works. Also a big water slide for the kiddos. Later in the evening Jaxson's big sister picked him up to go home. Then this meme went to bed to read a bit then sleep. I was worn out, but it was a good worn out  😊

So how was your 4th of July my friends? I didn't even watch any fireworks, but I did hear a few going off. My poor Tasha was shaking like a leaf. She is terribly afraid of storms, loud noises, etc. These pictures are some of the decorations I had put up here in my home. Which now are all packed away until next year.

Thanks for stopping by everyone. Have a blessed weekend and please come again.
Blessings to you all, Shelley

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Chit, Chat............This and That

Hello friends,  Welcome to my blog.  I hope you are having a blessed week thus far, I am.  We got a small rain shower yesterday and a bit cooler temps, which was wonderful!  So, what have you all been up to? I gave an old shelf and chair a makeover by spray painting them yesterday.  It was a big job for me, and I woke up feeling it this morning.  I may take this day a bit easier, but do have a small forth of July project planned. Have any of you started your decorating for the 4th of July yet?  I have.  Nothing big, just small and there.
It is kinda hard to believe that we are already half way through the year. 
I wouldn't mind rushing through summer to autumn though.  I know some of you probably love the summer time, and I fully understand why, but for me, and on account of the dreaded HOT summers here........... It just isn't a good thing for me, unfortunately!  I stay indoors as much as possible, in the AC.
I putter around the house and find plenty of things to do.

Potted some houseplants

I've been trying to grow some plants. A few edibles and some houseplants. Some are doing well, some are not!

So how you doing? What things have you been working on?   Thanks so much for stopping by today. Hugs and blessings,  Shelley

Me in back, to the right.
With some dear friends