Monday, February 12, 2018

What A Lovely Day


Hello dear friends,
I pray this post finds everyone doing wonderfully.
I pray you are happy and blessed. I am doing very well at the moment, and very thankful to be so.
Another holiday is upon us....... a lovely one to.... I might add.
I want to wish a very happy Valentine's Day to you all.... with love, of course .
There are many different kinds of love in the world. The love for family, for friends, even for our pets that become family. I read a quote that says....... "Friends are the family we get to choose". There is a whole lot of truth in that saying, don't you agree?
We can't choose the family we are born into, but we can choose which friends to become our "family ".
I am thankful for both!
We may not see eye to eye with the family we are born into , and not always agree with everything done and said between one another,  but true love is unconditional. And as it should be! And where we are placed in this vast earth, and with whom is apart of God's greater plan.
He sees the whole picture,while we are looking through a dark glass as God's word declares.
My girls and I, my youngest Kathy in the middle and my eldest Regina far right. At the Valentine's Day banquet at our church.

I pray you have a great week my friends. Bless you all, and

Happy Valentine's Day

Friday, January 26, 2018

Chit Chat.......This 👉 That

It is time!
Image saved from facebook 

Well, January is just about gone. It has been one of the coldest I can recall. The temps are picking up now and feeling more like spring. It put me in mind of flowers blooming, planting gardens, etc.  There will be no garden here for me, as those days are long gone. Still I will try and plant a few plants in pots  or in the ground near my porch. But not until after Easter as I remember the elders suggesting. Easter comes early this year by the way..... On April 1st. I normally refer to Easter as Resurrection Sunday, because of my faith in Christ Jesus. I am so grateful for what he did for us all.

I am still working around the home here , weeding, organizing, and trying to accomplish what I have set out to do.  I mentioned minimalism, but becoming a minimalist, in my own way of thinking, is different from others. I don't want my home so sparse that it doesn't looked lived in! I just want it not to looked cluttered or cause me to feel stressed and overwhelmed. I need to focus clearly on what is in my home and how it may benefit myself and my home, as well as visitors who may drop by from time to time.
To be totally honest with you, my faithful readers..... I have been recently diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety. I am making changes in many areas of my life as to help me heal. If I have mentioned this already, then please do forgive me for overlooking the fact of doing so.
With all the grief of lost loved ones over the last few years and the crisis in which our family suffered going through a nasty trial and unjust sentence in which my son received, I at least have some understanding of as to the why of my diagnosis.
I was dramatized during "that trial" severely.
So much for that subject..... I can't think on such things.
I do desire your prayers though. I am getting some much needed help now and I am trusting God I will be healed.


On a good note, I am beginning to take an interest in my housekeeping and decorating again. My  mental illness is one reason I am trying to make changes around here. I want to bring some of nature indoors. I will be sharing with you soon as to how I will be doing that. Not in big ways, but small, simple ways.
I am also finding lately that I enjoy very much staying home. I am planning some what of a daily routine for myself. I am hitting and missing at it at this point, but do hope to make it a daily thing for myself. One of the things I am implementing into my daily life is "Taking Tea"....everyday at 3:30. I have really enjoyed this. It is a great relaxation time for me.
It truly is the little things that matter the most! I am finding this statement to be even more true than ever.

I have chatted enough for this time my friends. I'll be back soon. Thanks so much for your kindness in the way of visiting and commenting.
Your comments are a blessing. Please forgive me for not replying back as much as I should. God bless you all and do come again, with love  Shelley

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Snow Days


We have had a few days of very cold weather with snow and ice. I enjoyed seeing the snow and watching the birds. They were everywhere. I made sure they had plenty of food. I tried getting pictures, but they didn't take well.

Not good at all, but there it is.

I remained inside, stayed warm and kept my water dripping, as to keep the pipes from freezing.  Unfortunately, they did and I was out of water for a few days until my son in law was able to fix them. I spent my time weeding through things in my home, and rearranging my living room,with help of course!
Yesterday I had to take it a bit easier so I sorted through paper work and magazines.
This cold spell was really.... really cold, with the temps dropping into the single digits. That is super cold for our neck of the woods. The schools and some business's were closed, but people still were out and about. Lots of wrecks to.
I couldn't understand why they just didn't stay home  unless it was absolutely necessary to be out.
We are just not used to such cold snowy weather here. Driving is very hazardous.
But there are those that want to get out and give it a try anyway.

Stay warm everyone..... What part of the world are you in?
If you don't mind me asking.

Blessings to you,  Shelley

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Chit Chat

Well, it is hard to believe it is two weeks into the new year.  It seems to me that time has really gotten away from me since Christmas Eve.
I didn't make any resolutions, but I do hope to make good positive changes this year.....healthy ones.
I haven't bounced back from the flu as well as I would have wished to.  I have been more fatigue than usual, and I didn't think that was possible.
I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday. I will talked to him about it then.
To anonymous who commented about the apple cider vinegar.......I am taking a concoction of it made with some other ingredients.  It seems to help some but not as much as you mentioned it does for you. I use the organic with the mother in it. I know apple cider vinegar is good for one in so many ways so I will continue to use it, as long as I don't forget.  Thank you so much for your suggestion. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to comment.  Please forgive me if I don't always reply, but I do appreciate you all so very much.  Please know that.

My precious granddaughter Vivian.

She will be nine next month. I haven't seen her in more than three years. The last ten years have been some of the hardest of my entire life. I am afraid my  appearance can testify to that fact. I pray these next few years will prove to be much more pleasant. God willing. 

I mentioned in my last post how I wanted to take up another hobby or two. One thing I plan to spend some time doing is Bible Journaling. My daughter Regina bought me a journal bible for my birthday in August last year. As of yet I haven't begun using it, but this will be one thing I plan to begin very soon. I will be sharing that with you here on my blog. So stay tuned in. I wish to make this blog a fun, interesting and sometimes serious place for my readers. I will try to do better....I promise.

I have also begun taking tea every day at 3:30, as long as I am home that is.
I have the alarm set on my cell phone to go off precisely at that time to remind me it's "Tea Time"
I am finding it to be very relaxing.

From the enternet somewhere. Just can't remember where.
I love the work of Beatrix Potter. 
Blessings to all, Shelley

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone.
I pray it will be a most happy year for us all. I will do my best to think more positive this year. To try and be more active, to eat better, and to take better care of myself over all. Physically, spiritually and emotionally as well.
I plan to dive back into some hobbies that I have seem to lose interest in over the last few years. And to pick up some new "good" habits and shed some old not so good habits.  Eating when I shouldn't, or what food I shouldn't! I have begin putting some of the weight I lost.... Back on. Not a good thing..... At all! I just wish I could gain some much needed energy  and lose some of the dreaded chronic pain that plaques my life so.

Making Cranberry sauce 
So how was your Christmas?
Mine turned out very well, except I had the flu, along with about half of my immediate family. Texas is rampant with the flu right now. My small home was bursting at the seams with children, grandchildren and two great granddaughters.
We had a wonderful time together, but next year we will most likely gather elsewhere.
Somewhere a bit more spacious anyway.  I hope your first day of 2018 has been a great one.   Blessings to all,  Shelley

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Tis The Season

Great granddaughter... Eden

And so the Christmas season has arrived. I am trying to keep mine as simple as possible. And to remember why we celebrate Christmas to begin with. Although I know our Lord Jesus was not born on December 25th, it is the day set aside for every believer to celebrate his birth.
Truly, I celebrate Christ in my heart everyday, but Christmas is a very special holiday and  celebration to me. It seems as though the whole world becomes a much more kind and peaceful place during the Christmas season. I just wish it could continue all through the year. There is a great gift of peace in our lives when we accept Jesus as our Savior.
He is the greatest gift ever to mankind. I am thankful to be a child of God.... Without the gift he gave...... We would have been eternally lost.
That is why I celebrate Christmas.

Stars I crocheted for my tree

Reproduction Feather Tree 

My second 🌲 
I do hope your Christmas season has begun in the most blessed way. Keep it simple..... And all should be well.
Blessings to you all, Shelley

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Autumn Blessings

Can you see it way up high? 
It is pretty much the bulk of my Autumn decorating, other than a wreath for the door. Oh and of course...... The turkey on the floor. Autumn Blessings to all of you.