Monday, May 18, 2015

I Can't Help it...... I'm a Dolly Mama!


I've been mostly staying home since I came back from my parents, except for going to the grocery stores.  Saturday is the usual day for doing that since my daughter now works full time. We came upon an Estate Sale while out on this past Saturday, and stopped.  I think it had pretty much been picked over, but still fun to look around.  I came away with three dolls, a vintage water sprinkler, an old hand kitchen grater, a small vintage baby toy, and a melon ball maker. All for nine dollars.  I didn't think that was bad at all. One of the dolls is a 18 inch 1950's Saucy Walker. Another is a small bisque musical doll, and the last a bisque reproduction of the Tiny Tears doll, sold by Ashton Drake in the 1990's. I remember when that doll was advertised in the magazines and oh, how I wanted to order her, but at $149.00 it was out of the question to do so! Now, I have her for just $3.00 as the going price. While cleaning her up a bit,  I discovered her foot had been broke and repaired ,which is OK by me.
Doesn't take from her charm one bit. I have their clothes soaking right now, when they are dressed and ready I'll take some pictures of the new dolly girls.


Update on my weight loss, after finely purchasing some scales.  At this point being three months out from surgery,  I'm down 60 lbs. It's much easier to breathe and I'm able to walk further between breaks. I feel like I'd be doing much better if it wasn't for also having the Fibromyalgia.  I've had a few flare ups with that recently that has almost sent me to bed days. I'll not give up the fight though!

Ready for church on Sunday
I pray you all have a wonderful week, my sweet friends......blessings to all, Shelley


  1. You look wonderful Shelley! I haven't been on any blogs lately...what a treat to see your sweet face on the first one I visited today! Looking forward to seeing your new "dolly girls"!
    I also loved seeing the pics of you, and your mama and sister! Family is so special!!

  2. You look so beautiful, Shelley! Congrats!

    Grace & Peace.

  3. You got a great deal on your dolls. You look awesome - glad you are starting to feel better!

  4. You looks great, Shelley! So pretty! Your doll finds are fantastic. Great condition, wonderful finds!

  5. Shelly I am so proud of you.. 60 lbs is a great accomplishment. You look so pretty in the photo.. thank you for sharing..
    oH...who could resist dolls??? I love them too.. and you always find the sweetest dolls.. Have fun and enjoy them.. I so enjoy your blog post..
    take care of yourself.. Praying for you, and so happy to see you looking so good.

  6. Oh, good - I found you, again. For some reason I lost you for a while. Glad you are doing well. Thrift store dolls are nearly irresistible! :)

  7. Really Beautiful photo :-)
    Oh Awesome sauce you are in Texas also. COOL!
    Hope you are having a Blessed Wednesday...


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