Monday, May 15, 2017

Speaking of Housekeeping

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Hello everyone, I know it has been a while since I last posted here.  Really there are no excuses, just everyday stuff happening. I went to mama's for a few days. We made a peach cobbler from the peaches I pick from my tree.
 It was very yummy.

 I fought a flare up with Fibromyalgia over the past few weeks and housework has really gotten behind, so much is to be done this week. A little at a time, slow and easy. It is my way as not to cause another flare. I still enjoy being the "keeper" of my home even if it means dealing with more pain. It just takes away from the joy I find in keeping my home. Even though I now live alone, just me and my few pets, I still have a responsibility to keep up with the housework. 
Since I lost the one hundred pounds and got some mobility back ,I have refused the ten hours of housekeeping help that I qualify for each week. But honestly I am thinking of picking it back up as it would spare me from suffering more pain and fatigue from doing those things which seem so hard me to manage. Then maybe I could more fully enjoy doing those things which come easier for me.

Not my kitchen, but isn't it wonderful?
I found this image on Pinterest.

I am still trying to downsize here in my home.  I am also praying about having the feeling of a need to thrift shop. It is something I have always enjoyed doing. It's just not a very good thing when one is trying not to accumulate. 
I have disciplined myself from buying and that is coming along well. I hope you all have a great week.
 Enjoy the sunshine if you are having it. 
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  1. It was good to see your post here today. That peach cobbler looks delicious.

    I understand what you mean about housework. Each day I pretty much have to focus on which activity I want to do for that day. My arthritic knees are getting worse. They are done for by 2:30 in the afternoon on a good day, and it is hard to keep going past that time. If I'm cooking a big supper, then a little bit of picking up around the house before cooking, food prep and cleaning up after will be about all I can get done in a day. Errand days and gardening days are pretty much the same way. I keep getting "behinder" and "behinder" with the housecleaning, especially this time of year.

    My husband has helped a lot with my flower beds this year since he is now partially retired and is working part time instead of full time, but I still enjoy planting plants and seeds and moving stuff around and watering, and taking pictures of the birds, bees, flowers and stuff. My knees won't do lifting or digging anymore so I'm thankful that my husband did all of that this year.

    My home is so messy right now I would die or cry from embarrassment to have anyone come in to clean. I always think I will do a big housecleaning on the next rainy, stormy day when I don't want to drive anywhere to do errands and can't work out in the flowers, but I am discovering that on rainy stormy days my knees are even worse than normal, so I still don't get the cleaning done.

    We went from being cool, windy, rainy to being 88 degrees and sunny yesterday and today. I got sunburned. I was outside a little longer than I had expected to be. Apparently my current liquid makeup doesn't have the sunscreen that my old stuff did, and I didn't think I'd be out long enough for my arms to sunburn. I was so chalky pale from such a long winter, I know it was bad for my skin, but it looked nice to have a little color again. Luckily I didn't burn bad and the pink color was gone by the next day. I bet I'll remember my sunscreen next time.

    It's always a treat to find a new post from you. Happy Spring!

    1. Thank you hun for your long comment. I understand fully what you are saying. On top of fibro and chronic fatigue, both my knees are bone on bone. It is so miserable to have the "want to",but your body just isn't able. That is so much apart for the reason of my whole downsizing process. It's wonderful you have a great helpmate 😊

  2. Shelley please accept the housekeeping you are entitled to receive. Think of it as a paid job for someone else. Working too hard and having your Fibromyalgia flair up is not good. I know it's hard to accept that we can't always do what used to be our normal.
    Loved the picture of the kitchen. I think a kitchen that you can eat in is just so homey. Wish mine was big enough for a table.
    Glad to see you blog again. Take care and have a blessed day.

  3. Bless your heart! I used to love to clean and still do it, but the love for it is gone! This is because of pain too. I am also trying to downsize, but love to go to flea markets and thrift stores. I have been pretty good about not buying too much, until it comes to dolls. But my collection is still somewhat small. Praying that your pain will be less and less.


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