Monday, April 24, 2017

Peach Picking Time

It's time to pick the peaches my faithful little tree (Alberta) has yielded this year.  I have already tried one and it was very tasty.  Quite juicy to! This little tree is close to twenty years old. She is going to need some TLC come this fall, as it has been a few years since she has had any attention.  But so faithfully she just keeps giving!

I took these pictures about a week ago. Now, the fruit is riper and a bit bigger to.

This is celery growing . I just stuck the end of a stalk I purchased from the store in the dirt and up it comes! 

Blessings on your week friends 



  1. That is amazing...such nice peaches and so early (in my NE weather opinion!)
    Neat about the celery. I should try that! Andrea

  2. The peaches on your little tree look like they will be delicious. I was amazed (as Andrea, commenting above) at how early you get to have delicious peaches. Here in Missouri, near St Louis, they ripen toward the end of June through July. Peach season around here is never long enough for me. They are my favorite fruit.

  3. Shelley your peach tree is amazing how wonderful its 25 years old. The celery really works how fun I will have to try it. Love and hugs Janice hve a blessed day

  4. Dear Shelley, Your tree is doing so well! I hope it continues to keep bearing for you for many years.



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