Thursday, January 19, 2017

January Musings

Hello to all you,my lovely readers and friends.  So how has January been treating you thus far? I pray it has been kind and warm. Maybe you have had to stay in by the fire or maybe not. Here in East Texas January has been a mixture of warm, cold,wet and terribly humid. Some sunshine and lots of rain.
Whatever your weather. ...I pray you have been safe and sound.

I have been doing my best to remain content.  I've reread a book I thought very informative the first time around, Almost Amish is it's title. I have gained more wisdom from it in reading it again, and will be keeping it on my shelf for a while longer . If you desire to live a more simple life, then you will find it a very interesting book. It also applies to the "Christian life" as well.

I love reading and have started on another book now which is an Amish story. I'm also reading through the bible this year . In the past I've read from cover to cover, but this year I'm reading from  The One Year Bible for women. It's the New Living Translation.  I prefer the King James,but enjoy the reading this translation as well.

Sorry couldn't get the picture to rotate.

I've been crocheting, puttering about the house,weeding through some more of my belongings , organizing,etc. I guess I've have managed to be fairly productive which is a good thing for me.  Although living with chronic pain and fatigue makes accomplishing anything hard, I'll continue to work at it and rest in between.

January has been a blessing for me thus far and I hope for you as well.

Until next time, Shelley


  1. I got off to rough start with an upper respiratory infection the first week of the new year. Much better now and enjoying each day...nothing special going on but I've managed to stay busy. I think I would enjoy Almost Amish because I've always found their life style fascinating. I think I would also enjoy the One Year Bible, I have also read the Bible from page one to the very end and would love do it again. Enjoyed visiting today.

    1. Yes, I think you would throughly enjoy Almost Amish. Bless you for visiting ♡

  2. I have read that book, Almost Amish, and really liked it. Good book. That is awesome that you read the scriptures - God's word always brings strength and peace. Hugs form AZ.


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