Saturday, January 28, 2017

Be Happy Today......

Hello dear friends, how is your weekend going thus far. I'm taking a drive with my mama today. We are going to visit my #1 son. It is always a wonderful day when I see my son.
I hope your day is wonderful to,whatever you may be up to.....have a fun day.
Enjoy the simple things. If the sun is shining where you are....bask in it for a bit. If the sun isn't shining....if the sky is overcast and cold, then sit by your warming place..enjoy a favorite book or magazine. Visit a thrift store, and maybe you will come across a true treasure.
Maybe you will spend the day puttering around your home....move things around a bit. Set up a pretty vignette of some special things that are near to your heart. Mementos of a trip...keepsakes from now grown children. Reminders of those little ones that once were about your feet! They grow up so quickly. Just like the little song....Turn around and they are one....turn around and they're two...turn around and they're grown...walking out your door.

Enjoy your weekend.....Be Happy.


  1. Hi Shelley. I hope you and your mom have a good visit. Time does pass quickly and life marches on, whether we want it to or not! Andrea

  2. Enjoy your day with your MoM and visiting your son!!

  3. Thank you Dear Lady ... may you enjoy your weekend also :D mari

  4. Be happy! Now that's a wonderful idea! I hope you had a great visit with your son!


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