Saturday, September 17, 2016

Simple Pleasures


Sharing some simple things that bring me "joy" in my daily life.

   A thrift store find....pretty tea cup and       saucer.

A beautiful old Historic home in a nearby town.

A sweet bunny that visited me one morning.

And a beautiful Redbird

A favorite pair of shoes 

Church service on a Sunday morning

Chai tea

I hope you too find joy in the "simple things of life".  Blessings


  1. I enjoyed seeing your post today. I liked seeing the things that are bringing you joy. Your little Tasha dog is so cute. Your new teacup and saucer is pretty and so are those flowered shoes. Isn't a treat to have small joys sprinkled throughout your day. Those small joys are the icing on our cake.

  2. Reminders of the simple pleasures that bring us joy - all wonderful things. Love your shoes!

  3. Simple pleasures are sometimes just what we need! Glad to see a post from you, sweet Shelley.

    Grace & Peace,

  4. You look great! So happy for you. Wish you would write more often.


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