Wednesday, June 15, 2016

At Home for "Wednesday Wee Ones"

I've been home for nearly two weeks,but I'll be going back to mama's this coming Sunday afternoon.  It's been wonderful being here.  I've managed to get a lot done that needed to be caught up on.  I went through many things and got some stuff out of the house. Got the outside took care of as well,with help of course!

That's that....but today I want to join Diane at Lavender Dreams for "Wednesday Wee Ones" Go visit  Diane's Blog  if you like. You won't be disappointed.
I've loved visiting Diane's blog for years now.  We are definitely "Kindred Spirits" when it comes to being doll fans.

These are my babies.  I have them all dressed in very old baby dresses. The sweet baby to the right is a little boy doll,but did you know little baby boys were dressed in baby dresses once upon a time? They were!  Today's style for babies is cute, but not near as sweet as what once was! That's my opinion anyway  ;)

Blessings my friends


  1. I'm so happy to be playing dolls with you today! I'll add a link on my blog post too! I love that sweet basket and the old baby clothes are perfect. They are what I would love to dress all of my dolls in. That's a sweet little doll standing up. Is she a Patsy doll? Enjoy your day and thanks for the FUN! Dollie Hugs, Diane

  2. Oh how sweet.. Love them baby dolls..
    How are you doing? Have missed you. Hope your mom is doing well too.. hugs.

  3. So nice to see you here, Shelley! I have been checking now and then to see if you had left us a post.

    That is great you could be home for a while and have the joy of getting things in order. It feels good to know all is taken care of!

    My Father was born in 1901 in England and was dressed in dresses as a young child and had pretty little ringlets made of his hair. I was so surprised as a little girl to see a photo of him and asked him about it. He was very matter of fact about it and said that is what was done then and there! : )

    Have a good time with you Mom. I hope today, Father's Day, is okay for all of you. I know you will be missing your Dad.

    Bless you and Love,


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