Monday, May 23, 2016

Simple Living Series continued remove (something that is not wanted or needed) : to get rid of (something).  Which is a big part of simplifying one's life. My decision to eliminate some things (stuff) from my person began some years ago. Actually about the time my dear mother in law passed. She had accumulated over  sixty years of stuff before her children decided to move her into a nursing home. Only a couple of years later she passed away. Her treasured things were stored in a shed where time, rats, squirrels and the elements pretty much reduced her stuff to "less" than treasures.  As I watched my sweet mother in law draw more and more close to death, I began to think, Whats the use of having so much stuff, spending all that time on up keep, etc to just have it become stored in some barn, attic, shed or the like.
I came back home looking at my own things quite differently than before.
I most likely would have started eliminating things then and there, but my husband would have been unwilling to do so. That being said about seven years down the road is when the weeding truly began. My husband was removed from my life, my home and it was then within my own power to do with the stuff as I wanted.


I began giving things to my kids, giving others things to charity, and selling other things by the pick up loads. All the while I continued to thrift shop, as its one of my favorite things to do.  If you have been with my blog long , you probably know that to be a fact about me. I did make myself a rule though, if I brought something into my home, three or more things had to leave. When I came here to live with my mama,  we two began shopping almost weekly.  Now, my mama really likes to shop to, and so stuff has been magically accumulating over the past months now. Which brings me to the Jane Austen motto at the top of this post. Mama and I have decided to stay home and stop our habit of thrift shopping. It's going to be hard, but our hands shall find other things to do.  More next time on our plans of staying out of the thrift stores, dollar stores and the like. Blessing dear ones

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  1. This is a very interesting post, Shelley! It is thought provoking. Thank you.

    I have been reading your blog for several years now and have been weeding right along with you but this is a little different thought somehow.

    Blessings upon you as you and your mama change your habits and activities to shop less. I am interested in hearing about it!



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