Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Almost Amish...The Simple Life

Today I cleaned and weeded through my room here at my mama's home. I sorted through my clothing and bagged up a garbage bag full to give to my sister. I also sorted through jewelry,hair accessories,books, and magazines.  Those I will give away to. I always feel so much better after doing this. Someday I will learn to keep my stuff from accumulating. I am seriously thinking of setting a challenge for myself ...To go a full month without purchasing anything at all except things that are absolutely necessary!   After going a month,then I'll go longer the next challenge.
Eventually I'll be in the habit of not spending on what's not necessary. Not that I'll never have fun anymore. I'll still go shopping from time to time,but not near as much as I've been doing  :)  And I'll find other ways of having fun that are more productive and don't cause one to build accumulation, nor invest money.

I've read this book once,but its been awhile,and I'm fixing to begin reading it again. If anyone knows about living a simplistic life,that would be the Amish. This book gives some good ideas as to how the "English" can live simple to. In case you don't know...the Amish call anyone outside the Amish community English! I could almost live the Amish way.

Using a pretty tea towel as a teapot cozy.

Blessings until the next time......


  1. I am enjoying your posts on simple living. All my little tuck away places could use a thinning out. One place I started was the cupboard under my bathroom sink. It was so cluttered with products I either did not use or need. I realized I rarely looked under there for anything. Haven't missed a thing I threw away. Thinking my bedroom closet might be next. Thanks for all your good advice.

    1. Your welcome hun. Every little bit helps Hugs

  2. So happy to see that you're doing well. You have always inspired me with the way that you view life. Enjoy the weekend.

  3. Dear Shelley,

    Your posts are always so encouraging! Simplifying and paring down are always challenge a challenge in our "made in China" culture, aren't they?

    Here's to a simple life!




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