Monday, March 21, 2016

Welcome Spring

These are my Easter decor from last year. I've not done much decorating for spring/Easter here at mama's house.  So how has your first week of spring started out? I plan to try and get out in the sunshine and hoe some grass from our garden spot. I've not been back in the garden as I've not been feeling well.  However I do feel a bit better this morning.  I don't think I can do to much hoeing, but any bit will be good for me and the garden spot too ;)

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My sweet little great grand baby was dedicated to the Lord Jesus yesterday during our church service.  She is such a special blessing to our family.

With her sweet parents. They both are so in love with their baby girl. 

And the family gathering around to pray a blessing upon Hailee's life.


  1. For spring I changed up my mantle. I didn't realize I own so many ceramic birds. I added some candles and pink flowers. I also used old books to give some of the birds more height. I'm very happy with the arrangement.

    So special to have a great grand daughter. I liked the picture of the family asking for a blessing upon Hailee. God Bless

  2. I love your Easter decor, Shelley! How wonderful to have a new little baby consecrated to the Lord. I'm so glad that your family has desires to raise her up right. Love, Marqueta

  3. What a sweet little blessing! Happy Easter!!

  4. Hello Shelley! May the lord Jesus the messiah bless you and your family!

  5. Congrats on that new grand baby! How wonderful to see the entire family gathered around praying for the little one! Have a wonderful Easter and remember, He is risen!

  6. Congratulations... I'm working pretty slow these days to Shelley. I keep forgetting this Quite Abundance is your blog. I'm always looking for the other one. I'm glad with your mom hope she is doing well. Glad your doing ok hope that itchiness goes away that can be hard to deal with. Sending love to you. Blessings my friend. Have a fabulous new week. With love Janice


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