Wednesday, December 30, 2015

His Promises are True

Hello friends, we are nearing the end of another year. I am so looking forward to 2016. I'm feeling very positive about this upcoming year. I make no resolutions ,but I do have some thoughts and goals I would like to meet (God willing) in 2016. Many changes have occurred in my life and circumstances over 2015. As with all life....changes are a normal thing,but sometimes can be hard to accept or transition into. So has been my case,but God has been merciful and gracious.

At the beginning of 2015 God spoke to my heart that my word for the the year would be Grace.....I now fully understand why God laid that word upon my heart. Had it not been for God's Grace.....I don't think I would have been able to bear the challenges I was to face. I have to say despite the very hard times I have met with....I have grown stronger and my faith has increased.
His promises are true and Amen!    Blessings, Shelley  


  1. So happy to see another post from you! As I've said before, I think of you so often--and always send a prayer for you when I do! It has been a difficult year for you. But God has been good. I hope you will continue to post to your blog regularly in the new year. God Bless you and Happy New Year! Cathy

  2. Happy new year sweet friend. I'm hoping this coming year brings God's blessings and happiness. I cherish your friendship. Lots and lots of hugs, Diane


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