Thursday, October 1, 2015



Heading out this Friday morning with my two daughters and some other women from our church , including my dear friend Betty , for a "Women of Joy"  convention in San Antonio.  I'm looking forward to this trip very much, as it is much needed for my girls and I as well as these other ladies attending.  We are expecting a mighty refreshing of God's Holy Spirit upon our lives and souls. Just getting away with friends, sisters in Christ will be an awesome time of fellowship and mental rest for myself.  I know the trip, teaching, etc. will be wonderful for us all. I wish you all were going with us ;)  The theme is " STRONGER "  and oh, I'm I looking forward to regaining strength  lost over the course and events of this year thus far. Because in reality,  trying times are still ahead for myself and loved ones as well.

Now, for a little fun from one of my recent YouTube videos.  Tasha is growing bigger and more ornery.  I'd say she is in her  "terrible two's"   ;)

See what I mean ?  A little toot indeed!   Blessings friends


  1. Hello! Oh Tasha is so cute!! : )
    I live west of San Antonio, but work in San Antonio. (((sending HUGS your way))) : ) A coworker is going to the conference, but I can't due to my work schedule. I hope y'all have a great time and can carry God's joy with you back home for all the days ahead. Have fun!!

  2. I hope you have a most wonderful time and rest from it all..Happy October with love Janice

  3. Hello Dear :-)
    Getting away with "word" girls is always refreshing!!!
    Oh how I enjoyed your Tasha video!! She is so cute!!
    XXX OOO Love and BLESSINGS!! Linnie

  4. She's adorable! We are visiting Texas at the moment. :-)
    ~Blessings From Dallas


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