Thursday, September 17, 2015

Reborn Baby...... Josiah Paul

Reborn doll Josiah Paul
Remember I said I brought another little something home from my last trip to my parents? Well, the picture above is of that little something! My niece gifted me a sweet reborn doll.
 A baby boy which I have named Josiah Paul.
Nina Grace (below) you have met before. She went home with my granddaughter Jalyn for awhile,but Jalyn decided she was to busy to give Nina any attention so brought her back home to me. Jalyn is now in sixth grade and in the band. She will be 12 in just a few days. Wow,seems like yesterday she was just starting kindergarten. I know I've said it before,but where does the time go to?
Well,I certainly won't ever need to worry about these two little ones growing up and leaving the nest. No, that's whats so good about Reborns and dolls in general.....they stay wee babies forever  :)

Reborn Nina Grace

Hoping your weekend is lovely.....God bless everyone


  1. I'm in love with little Josiah. Shelley, I have missed your posts, so much. I hope things are getting a bit better.

    Grace & Peace

  2. So excited to see little Josaiah Paul. He is adorable .
    Our children/grandchildren grow up so fast.. They get busy too. I miss my Callie so much.. She entered the 9 th grade this year.. It seems just yesterday , that she was staying with me playing dolls.. I agree, where has the time gone?
    Praying for you.

  3. So glad to see you've posted something! I check everyday, I so enjoy reading your posts!

  4. Hi Shelley, What totally gorgeous dolls You have. Your reborns are so wonderful. You've been on my mind a lot lately and My prayers are with You. blessings WILL continue-Denise


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