Monday, September 7, 2015

Home Again..........

For your concern and support

I've returned home after spending almost two weeks with my parents.  As much as I love spending time with my family,  home is always good to come home to!
 I do hope that your week has started out lovely.  Our temperature here in East Texas is still very warm up in the day, even quite hot as a matter of fact! But with some talk and signs of Autumn popping up everywhere, it finds me looking forward to falling leaves, the crow's call and much cooler weather.  Fall is my most favorite season of all. I've added a member or two to my little "at home" family.
One comes with much work, but lots of love and comfort. The other comes with no work, but lots of fun comfort. Both will come with some nurturing, which will be good for the soul.

Meet Tasha
My sweet little Dachshund puppy.  I just love her.

The other little someone. will meet in another post.


  1. So glad you had a little break.
    The puppy is so cute.
    You surprised me, I was expecting a!


  2. You're little puppy is adorable! : ) Yes, it's still quite warm (ok, hot) here in Texas but just a couple of days ago I saw a bluebird. Here, west of San Antonio, we only see them in the spring and fall. Fall is my favorite season as well. May God Bless You.

  3. Shelley, I'm glad you had a nice visit and yes, I can relate how good it feels to get back home. Love the little girl. I'm sure she will bring you much joy.

    Grace & Peace.

  4. I LOVE your little Dachshund puppy!! Wish I could just cuddle her up!!!
    Sending Love!!
    Many Blessings dearest xx oo, Linnie

  5. Very sweet puppy, Shelley! It is always good to search out joy in God's creation amidst
    life's sorrows! That is why I started a new blog with just my garden pictures...everything comes from God. AndreaC

  6. Helo dear Shelley, im glad your doing ok. Same here sorry that I havent been by lately a lot of the time I barely post let alone visit everyone i want to but you are always in mind. I try to focus more these days on being in consistant with God and his will. Still struggling with my mamas house and what nots and as my body gets more and more tired and broken and age creeps up some days I barely get a thing done my body dont let me do much these days. Hope your parents are well leaving love and good wishes with love Janice


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