Saturday, May 23, 2015

Seeking Simplicity in my Season

I have always been one to seek a simple life. Never have I desired much fuss or fancy.  I have had to make do rather than run to the store and buy. I've shop plenty from nature itself. Beautiful Posies, delicious berries, wild plums, and greens of different kinds. Lovely rocks, twigs or a birds nest. Affordable decorations, and nourishment  are everywhere to be had in nature. God hath provided indeed. But some never seem to notice the beauty or the richness of his bounty.  Put a seed in the ground, watch it spring forth in days, and then in weeks it produces its goods for your picking pleasure.  While I was at my parents recently my mama and I went out back, as my daddy napped,  and we holed the ground together.  First I took a turn, then mama, thus it went until we had about a  4 x 4 ft. space tilled up. Mama and I both aren't to handy with a hoe anymore :)  We made rolls and put seed in the ground. It's been a couple of weeks, mama called and said our okra and marigolds were up and doing great...yay!

Pinterest.......I agree!

Just a simple rag doll, but she's still my favorite. 

I don't always understand the lot we are given, but I know it's not always for me to understand.  Sometimes I just need to trust. It's not easy at times, but very possible,  just the same. I rather have a small flicker of light, than a spotlight blinding my vision from the simple things.  I'm most certainly in a different season of my life, I'll seek for peace, and continue to seek out the simplicity of this life I've been given.
Blessings, Shelley


  1. Very profound post, Shelley! We are, all too often, blinded by the shiny bling of this world and forget to look for the blessings we have all around us. God, in His infinite wisdom, has provided everything we need! Great post!

    Grace & Peace.

  2. Hi Shelley! People these days make their lives so complicated! I prefer retreating to my house/yard. Springtime and planting surely are miraculous. I hope to have time to sit (literally, such as on my porch!) and watch life pass by as my grandparents were able to, during simpler times, as they grew old. Andrea

  3. Lovely... most of us don't think about the gifts we are given because we are to busy worrying about what we don't have.. I love my Garden and it's the place where I often think of God's gifts in the quite of my Garden listening to the birds and seeing my flowers and vegetable come about as well.. thank you for your visit. I too wish we lived close by we could have tea and something we both could eat chat a spell and enjoy God's gifts together my dear.. ps. I stopped by the other day but I don't think my comment worked not sure was going to check and forgot.. anyhow Love n Blessings with love Janice

  4. What a lovely thought. Hugs and prayers to you, my friend. You are an inspiration!


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