Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Estate Sale Dolls

Here are those dolls I mentioned that I had found at an estate sale.  The one above is the 16 inch Saucy Walker, she cleaned up nicely.  Now to find her some shoes and socks. The one below is the 9 inch bisque Tiny Tears. I took several pictures of her. She is very sweet. I forgot to take a picture of the smaller bisque, musical doll. Guess she will be for another post on another day.  I can't believe the week is almost over again. Our weather has been crazy, with bad storms and tornadoes.  None touched down here, but not too far away there was damage from two that I know of.  Sirens went off for three days in a row I think.  Today was at least free of rain fall and the shine was out to boot.  God is in control of all things. I have to believe that, and I do. Blessings to you all, Shelley

The pictures are not to good. I am using my tablet and I need to use my camera.  It takes much better pictures.  Make a note to self Shelley! ;)


  1. Beautiful dolls.. I just want to come play with
    sending big ole hug and prayers your way.

  2. I'm having fun catching up on your new blog my friend. You look SO beautiful in your new photo. I'm so happy to hear you are feeling better and more like yourself. Love this sweet Tiny Tears dollie. Makes me want to pick her up and hug hug hug! Enjoy your day sweet lady! Hugs, Diane

  3. Every time I see a baby doll I think of you Shelley!

    I just saw your comment about Kevin and his family moving to Texas...I don't know why I never get an email notification when you comment. Anyway they are currently living in Killeen...near Ft Hood. Jacqi's Dad lives there and they are staying with him right now. They hope to move into their own place soon...probably in Temple. I miss them so much!
    I can't believe your twin grandsons are 19 years old! Time flies...way too quickly!!


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