Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Random Words and Pictures


I pray your week is peaceful and serene. If you have one of  the most busiest schedules of your life ahead, or if you will be staying at home with seven days of quite and rest, know that God is near and he delights in giving you peace.


Mr and Mrs Yoder will be working their garden.

Two more Gardeners

Peaceful path

Simply lovely candlelight

Blessings to all, hugs Shelley


  1. So lovely...praying that you are feeling better and better dear lady :0) mari

  2. Beautiful...
    Love Ruby and how you decorated around her. Also the gardeners.. Enjoyed the peaceful tour..
    Praying for you.. Hope your feeling much better. Judy

  3. Good Morning Dearest Shelly,
    Hoping that yo have a wonderful Sunday!! :-)
    xxx ooo Blessings warmth and LOVE Linnie


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John 3:16