Monday, April 13, 2015

Just a Wee Post from around my Cottage

My Remembrance Chest,in the picture above, remember when I spoke of wanting one here  over at my Simply Shelley blog? I picked it up from Mr. Trading Post Man for just $35.00

Little Red Duck Watering Jug

New Testament and Psalms

With such a beautiful cover page. I love it.


  1. Hello Shelley - you have such fun and interesting things in your homey little cottage. I love it! I love that New Testament with the interesting cover. Beautiful! You have a good week.

  2. Love your recent acquisitions! Lots of color and style. The chest is fantastic...and the colorful cover is wonderful!

  3. I love your rememberance chest.. lovely and great price.. The duck watering can is adorable too.
    The New Testament is so pretty too..Just love the pretty things you put together, in your adorable home.. How are you feeling? Hope you are doing well..Praying for you.

  4. Shelly-Now I must go back and try to find Your post on remembrance chests.unless it's the same idea as a hope chest I'm not familiar with the idea. Oh My,the gorgeous New Testament/Psalms is a treasure of a cover. I have always agreed with all the previous commenters-Your home is extremely wonderful. OX


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