Saturday, March 28, 2015

Come Sit a Spell

Hello Friends,  I hope your weekend has been blessed thus far. It's been a beautiful day here . I got out and about with my daughter Regina today. We had a nice lunch, went to a local thrift store,where we found a few goodies then on to Walmart for our regular shopping.  Regina got her hair washed and trim in the salon at Walmart as well. It was a fun day for the both of us, but tiring too.
Some of you have been asking how I'm doings so I'll just give you a little update . My last visit to the doctor was on March 4th. At that time I'd lost 36 lbs total. My next visit will be April 7th at which time I will weigh in again. I feel fine as far as the surgery goes. My incisions have healed, but it will take sometime to heal completely internally.  I've really not had many problems at all. Just getting used to changes in diet, etc.
A therapist comes twice a week to help me with exercising, because of my horrible knees.  Emotionally I'm doing better. Not that the trouble has gone away, but God is giving me strength to bear the burden. I'm trusting that he is working it all out for our good. Thank you all who have sent up prayers for me, I've certainly felt them.

One of my readers mentioned she would like for me to share a post from around my little mobile cottage, so I'm going to be snapping some pictures and I'll be sharing them soon. I have made a few little changes here and there. A bit of spring cleaning as well. My home isn't beautiful by no means, but I'm grateful for it, to be sure! It's cozy and quaint.  When my Pastor visited recently he said it felt quite peaceful to him. I was very pleased he thought so.

Blessings to you all ♡



  1. lovely thanks for sharing!

  2. lovely thanks for sharing!

  3. Sounds like you had a very nice day with your daughter. I love "treasure hunting" in thrift stores! So nice your daughter lives close by. Both of mine live in different states and I sure do miss getting together with them. Will look forward to the post about your "cottage." Have a blessed Sunday and a Happy Easter.

  4. Shelly , so happy you and Regina got to get out for a nice outing.. So nice to spend time with our children.
    I am also so happy about the weight loss, congrats!!! You are doing a great job.. so proud of you. I am trying to diet [not real successful, ha ]It is not easy to break a life long way of eating.
    Looking forward to seeing what you've done for spring. Love your home., and it is beautiful to me.

  5. Looking forward to Your next appt. So glad You're feeling good. Happy Palm Sunday. He's king of kings!

  6. Looking forward to Your next appt. So glad You're feeling good. Happy Palm Sunday. He's king of kings!

  7. Glad that things seem to be going well. Stay strong and stay focused. Prayer, family and friendship will surely pull you through. Congratulations on the weight loss so far! You have many internet friends cheering for you! Happy Easter, happy spring...and much healing!

  8. So glad to hear things are going well. I will continue to keep you and prayer and I look forward to hearing a wonderful update after your upcoming doctor appointment!


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