Thursday, March 5, 2015

Be Still and Know.........

Hello my friends, I've almost let the week get away without posting.  It's not that I don't have anything to say, it's just that I've been hearing the Lord speaking to my heart to be quiet.  I do find peace in the quietness. I had a friend from church visit me recently.  She stopped by to see me after I returned from the hospital. We visited a bit, then she began to look around my living room.  Her eyes got big as she asked, Where is your television?  I replied,  I don't watch television.  She repeated my answer almost with a face of shock. For years the television was a constant noise maker in my life. My husband's favorite thing to do was watch the television.  He would sit and watch it all day and night at times.  I might add the programs he chose to watch were not always favorable.  He also liked to watch it with the volume up loud , so very much noise.  Sometimes he would even demand that I sit with him and watch it too.
So now days the television is no longer a nuisance in my home, but something that I have to entertain me if I choose to watch it.  You see I do own a very small 9 inch TV with a built in DVD player.  I watch choice movies on it in my bedroom when I so desire. This same friend asked me the next Sunday at church,  Don't you ever get bored?  I replied,  No, hardly ever. She said what to you do. I answered,  I crochet, I read,  I blog, I piddle around the house. Yes, I am in a different season of my life, but to be perfectly honest,  I've always enjoyed being home. I was mostly a stay at home mother and I take pride in that fact, although I did work outside the home as well. And there is certainly nothing wrong with that as at times it becomes necessary.

I find myself rambling on now, although to say.....some noise is wonderful.  Children laughing,  beautiful music and singing, a bird's song, church bells ( they are played hourly in our little town ) even the sound of a quiet thunder I find soothing at times. It's the pointless noise that is the loudest in my ears. Do you agree? I am learning to live a quiet life! And embracing it whole heartedly ♡
 It'seems that God speaks to us the most when we are the quietest, that is how it seems to me anyway.   Blessings to all, Shelley

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  1. You and I are so much alike. There is no place I'd rather be than home and I like it quiet! I have more than enough around here to keep me busy so boredom is rarely a problem. Hope you are doing well!

    Grace & Peace.

  2. Shelly,
    I too, love my home and peace and quiet..Not much of a tv person.
    And I have plenty to keep me busy...keeper of my home .
    So proud your doing better. Have been praying for you..

  3. I grew up not liking t.v. because we had no cable and in the mountains where I lived, we got only 3 channels. (for a while at least, until my parents bought cable t.v.) Right now I only watch reruns from old shows such as "Jeff's Collie" (the precursor to "Timmy and Lassie". I also watch EWTN which is the Catholic channel and it gives me great consolation. My kids tell me that today, you don't need a t.v., as most is on the computer. I worry to think of young people watching these new prime-time shows that are downright evil!

    I think silence is important and something we should all strive for. It is a great help to grow spiritually. Andrea

  4. Oh Shelley, we are indeed kindred spirits. "Piddling around the house" is something I love to do. I never get bored either. I don't have time. Today I worked on a doll's dress, chatted with my mom on the phone for an hour, did laundry, cleaned, watched a taped show "Heartbeat" on TV, and worked on my computer. I bet you would love Heartbeat; it's a British show taped in Yorkshire England and set in the 1960's although filmed in the 1990's - 2000's. It's quite funny and very well done and not crude in the least. Very wholesome. We didn't have a TV until 2003. We rarely watch it, but we do like British shows. I love peace and quiet and there is rarely a sound in my home.

  5. I so agree and know exactly "where You're coming from"


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