Wednesday, February 25, 2015


It's snowing, icy and cold out my window. I am tucked away in side cosy with my crochet needle. Some would find my life " boring " to say the least. I much rather use the word cosy, just as I like it. Although I pray this surgery will accomplish what I need it to, so that I may have my knees replaced at some point , gaining more mobility, thus a more active life! Which, I desire to include some traveling.......I shall always be grateful for home, wherever that may be at the time. My life at this point is about changes, I have accepted it as so, and will embrace each day as comes ♡

My little life time friend Miss Suzy. She loves her cosy home as well. Blessings


  1. As some one that is battling a degenerative disease, I know how important home has become for me. I pray that you are resting and allow your body to recuperate quietly and calmly. Stay warm :0) mari

  2. Dearest Sweetest Friend,
    Praying that you will be in TIP TOP shape sooner then you anticipate!!!
    I prefer cozy too!! I am with you!!!
    Love warmth and many Blessings, Linnie xxoo

  3. I love being cozy at home. Hope all goes well for you. Wishing you warm and happy days,

  4. Home is my favorite place to be! I have been doing a lot of crocheting, too. I am going to start selling some of the pieces I make and I am excited to, hopefully, make a little spending money from an art that I learn at my Mama's feet.

    Grace & Peace.

  5. Shelly, I am sending prayers for you..for a wonderful day, for speedy recovery from your surgery..and the weight loss that will bring good to health to your body.I also pray that you may feel God's loving arms around you this day, as you have never felt before.
    I too love my cozy home. I have severe asthma and have to spend alot of time at home. Lots of smells and other things bother me.. hugs my friend.

  6. Thank you ladies, I love you all.......truly


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